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they are well established in their professions, solving various riddles of different spheres of life everyday…linked by a common passion…the passion for photography..

It all started with a manual SLR camera…now, life has gone digital…digital SLR-s have long replaced the manual cameras…35mm films have given way to memory cards…but good photographs are still defined as they used to be defined years ago….. & that’s what they aim to do…

Over the last few years, they have produced many photographic works which have been applauded by eminent photographic personalities and photographic clubs all over the world…the love and warmth that they have received from photo lovers like you, have helped them in their quest to become better photographers…

 With the aim of coming even closer to you, now they have taken a special step…’www.camerawalla.com’ is the official website of Dr.Anupam, Debashis, Sudip, Sushilendu & Chandan where you will be able to see the special works by them updated regularly; give your comments and criticise as well. Your thoughtful comments and criticisms will be valuable to the ‘Camerawalla’-s.

 Hope your love and warmth will make this endeavour successful

  • Chandan Dutta Gupta
  • Debashis Tarafder
  • Sudip Bhar
  • Abhirup Bhar
  • Susilendu Bhattacharya

Chandan Dutta Gupta

Chandan’s love for photography grew in his student life.This love turned into an addiction when his father bought him a compact camera. Having joined West Bengal Power Development Corporation as an Electrical Engineer& being settled at kolkata he still devotes much time towards photography . Besides photography Chandan is fond of trekking also. Equipped with his Cano 6D& 50D with 18 – 135, 24-105 & 300 lens he often treads along the rocky mountain trails capturing the vast glories of the mountains & the spell bounding celestial beauties surrounding them. Besides mountain scapes he loves to click the candid moments of life & also the rites & rituals of various religious festivals & fairs.His works have been accepted and awarded in various photography salons and competitions. He is in continuous effort towards enriching his skill & knowledge of photography to give his captured images a new dimension. Achieved EFIP & EFIAP .


Debashis Tarafder

A Civil Engineer ,working under Indian Railways,Debashis is passionate about cameras,lenses & accessories since his teenage .Now settled at Barasat, Kolkata ,Debashis started serious photography with a Nikon FM10 ,long after joined service. With time photography became his obcession and gradually he shifted to full frame DSLR to quench his thirst for catching that magic moment of time and frame.

Debashis always tries to explore people in their natural perspective and get their emotions reflected through his lens and for that he travels a lot .His sincerity and dedication has won him numerous awards and acceptances in different photography salons worldwide. He became category winner ( HAPPINESS)in the Better Photographer of the Year 2007 Photo contest, awarded with FIAP BRONJE medal in China International photo salon 2006, in Korean International Photo salon 2007, in Global Woman Magazine and in WPGA 2010.

Recognition of his works made him more serious about his photography and he is in constant endaevour to enrich and entertain the souls by his journey through the view finder

dev.metro@yahoo.com , dev.pic@gmail.com

Sudip Bhar

Sudip, a self employed Electrical Engineer,settled at Kolkata, is fond of weaving dreams & translating those into his works. Cool & softspoken ,his” Wander Thirst ” leads him to places to explore their people & culture and captivating those with his camera. Photography is his passion, a potent vehicle of his creative nature & thought. His first camera was a Pentax – KM & then a Pentax – MX & Canon EOS + 300 V and now it is a Canon 40D that he clicks with. He attended The Travel Photography Course by Sri Shibnath Basu & then a Basic Photography Course at Chhayapath to develop his skill & knowledge of photography. Inspite of winning a number of National & International awards in photography Sudip is too humble to mention those. He still considers himself a beginner, learning photography in every step & moment of his journey through life


Abhirup Bhar

Abhirup Bhar is a budding photographer from Kolkata with immense talent. His interest in photography grew at his early age. While travelling with his parents in different places he was fascinated by the amazing beauties of nature, the different culture, faith & lifestyle of the people which he came across in course of his journey. These flared an urge in him to capture those with camera & thus his journey to photography began. Belonging to a family with great passion for photography Abhirup took no time to learn the essentials of photography and went ahead to actualise his dream as a photographer. He joined ” Regional Institute of Printing Technology Jadavpur ” & achieved Diploma in photography from there. Abhirup loves to shoot Nature in her various moods, colours & shapes & specially those scenes which flicker a weird feeling in him 


Susilendu Bhattacharya

A teacher by profession from Kolkata Susilendu is also a photographer by passion. In his early years whenever he saw anything he used to be gripped by an indomitable desire to frame &save those. Later when he bought his first SLR camera, a Vivitar 3000S he started shooting what he felt suitable. Such random shooting with camera had initiated an attraction to photography within him which exists still. As a photographer he does not cling to any particular subject. He loves to shoot Nature with all her serenity & grandeur, the splendour of the beckoning tranquil Landscapes & people in their various moods and actions. He has befriended photography not with the purpose of bagging awards & honours but with a view to winning appreciation of those who make time to take a look at his photos. Till date he has won a place in Lonely Planet Photo Contest in 2010 & Wedding photo contest of Better Photography Magazine in 2009 & also honorary mention of his works from a number of National & International photo contests. BesIde those he has also hundreds of acceptances of his works in various photo salons held in India & abroad